Before & After


Plansifter transformation – sieving increased from 290T / 24h to 390 T / 24 h.


Plansifter transformed


Plansifter transformed with 40% sifting surface increase

All aluminium frames for old Sifter Control

Plansifter Transformation

With the transformation of plansifters we re-design on your diagram the increase in sifting surface for each section, by inserting an larger number of frames complete with “all-surface” aluminium sieves custom-built for each plansifter model.


  1. Greater sifting surface: Increase the productivity of your sifters.
  2. Reduction in bacterial load in frames and sieves: Help you comply with European contamination regulations.
  3. Less maintenance: Reduce expensive plant shutdowns.
  4. Practicality in installation: Minimize disruption of your activity.
  5. Energy Saving: Increase the machinery efficiency.